Quality Policy
Quality Policy

At Truewell Metalloys India LLP, our quality policy is to manufacture and deliver steel products of the highest quality, meeting industry standards and customer requirements. We are committed to maintaining a high level of quality throughout our manufacturing process, from raw materials sourcing to final delivery.

Our quality control program begins with the selection of raw materials. We only source materials from reputable suppliers who meet our strict quality standards. Once the raw materials arrive at our facility, we perform a series of tests and inspections to ensure that they meet the required specifications.

Quality Control

At Truewell Metalloys India LLP, we have implemented a robust quality control system to ensure that our steel products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Our quality control process involves the following steps:

  • Raw Material Inspection: We thoroughly examine all buying Raw Materials to make sure they satisfy our high requirements for quality. We only purchase raw materials from reputable and trustworthy vendors.
  • In-Process Inspection: To ensure that our products meet the relevant standards and criteria, we undertake inspections at every stage of the production process. The product is tested and inspected as part of this process at various production stages.
  • Final Inspection: We do a final check of our products before delivery to ensure that they comply with all relevant laws, rules, and specifications. This includes checking and rechecking the finished product.
  • Certifications: We provide certificates of conformity and quality for all our products, which provide assurance to our customers that our products meet the required industry standards and are safe for use.